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What's Life Repurposed all about?

Life Repurposed is your companion through the evolving chapters of life. Whether you're navigating the maze of midlife uncertainty, seeking a renewed sense of purpose, or just looking for a good laugh amid life's challenges, we've got you covered! There are podcast episodes to explore, devotionals, free printable resources, and Michelle’s quirky, unleashed thoughts about life. No worries, she’s pretty good at filtering out the rants. Life Repurposed is a free magazine that goes right to your inbox.

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Join a community of resilient midlife explorers who understand that life's journey isn't always a straight path. We're here to share stories, experiences, and practical guidance that will inspire you to embrace every twist and turn with open arms. No two challenges are exactly alike.

Discover Unexpected Treasures

Life is full of surprises. Let's dig deep into the unexpected gems hidden within the challenges, finding hope in the most unlikely places. Together, we'll uncover the beauty in life's "trashy stuff."

Humor is our Secret Weapon

We approach life with a smile. Laughter is not just the best medicine; it's our joy-booster on this rollercoaster of mid-life exploration. Together, we find joy in the everyday and celebrate the quirks that make life uniquely ours.

Faith in the Journey

For those wrestling with questions about faith, Life Repurposed provides a safe space for exploration. Michelle has shared a lot of her spiritual journey on the Life Repurposed podcast, and she’s passionate about unraveling rules and religion from a true relationship with God. Let's navigate the intersections of spirituality and mid-life together, seeking understanding and inspiration for the road ahead.

Community of Kindred Spirits

This isn't just a newsletter or a magazine. You can connect with fellow explorers who share your enthusiasm for embracing life's challenges and finding joy in the journey. Share your stories, swap insights, and build lasting connections.

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Life Repurposed is where midlife meets inspiration, practical guidance, and renewed purpose amid life’s evolving chapters. We navigate faith questions and messy, uncertain twists with humor and a commitment to pursue treasure, even in the trashy stuff.


Empty nester Michelle Rayburn is fluent in dad jokes and "friendly" sarcasm. #boymomforlife She's out to inspire hope in the trashy stuff life brings. Michelle's philosophy? "Everything does NOT happen for a reason, but there's beauty in every mess."